what does it do?

linkNab is a simple way to send a link to your phone from your computer. Install the free browser extensions below, bookmark your account page on your phone and you're all set.

That's it.

first time users

  • Install the browser extension. Chrome | Firefox
  • Register an account.
  • Use. (profit)

  • from mobile device:

  • Bookmark either the login page, or your account page by adding it to your home screen.
  • Add a link from your browser.
  • Hit that bookmark and test it out.

  • need to bookmark again?

    If you want to bookmark your account page again, but keep getting redirected. Delete the JS cookie by clicking here and you're golden.

    privacy policy?

    I only need your email for the 'forgot password' functionality. And to keep your links seperate from everyone elses. I may at some future point be all professional and send you outage, upgrade, enhancement notices or something. Other than that, I don't care what email you use, certainly won't be spamming or selling your email.

    The site requires cookies for functionality. Deal with it.

    I will be monitoring traffic and usage patterns, but that's about it. I have more interesting things to do than trying to penetrate your tin foil hat.

    terms of service

    Rule #1: Don't piss me off.
    Rule #2: Don't do anything illegal with this. See Rule #1.
    Rule #3: Don't misuse, abuse, or otherwise do anything dickish in my general area. See Rule #1.

    If in doubt, see Rule #1 and realize I will fly to wherever you are and deliver swift justice like the God Damn Bat upon you.

    contact info

    You can reach me at