q: how is this different from other similar utilities?

a: works with multiple desktop browsers and most any mobile device with a web browser. it also doesn't require other software, syncing, or even a real email address.

q: but doesn't google / android already do this?

a: it does, but the 'Chrome to Phone extension' only works with chrome and android devices.

q: is there a native mobile app for my iPhone (or other device)?

a: an iPhone / iPod touch app is in the works.

q: what kind of links work?

a: any link in your browser: Google Maps, search results, YouTube videos, Facebook links, pretty much anything.
q: why does the firefox extension not anchor to the widget?

a: i had issues where the click event would fire multiple times, issuing posts to my server exponentially. as such i had to create the panel on the fly with each onclick of the widget, which doesn't bind or anchor to the widget itself. a solution for this hasn't been obvious, if you have ideas feel free to email me. (see about page for contact info.)